Eeeeeearpikk Rap Battles of Historyyyy

Nice Peter


Justin Bucknerrr



Looks like I'm Justin time to lay down the hurt,

You call yourself a rapper but all I see is pure dirt.

You can't get real girls, I'm a pimp, can't you see?

Stop with the Google Girlfriends instead...


Join eHarmony!


Let me tell you All the Stories of how I've kicked your ass,

You're just a White Kid thinking he can rap really fast.

My editing was bad? You forgot to nom nom in on the backgrounds

On Mozart vs Mozart when the characters moved around.

Pete,just listen, you always procrastinate!

You never film your parts in time, they always come in late!

You say you're obsessed with ERBP?

But yet from what I see, You're a rip off of Rhett and Link!


The battles were your idea to start with, that's no lie,

But I'm the one who had the brains to let a midget play the bad guys.

Look at you, or let me just tell you what I see.

You're a short little sidekick, I'll call you mini-me.

I drew a hat on your head and played Al Capone.

Take the mustache away, you look more like the kid from Home Alone.

You big toothed, chubby face, watermelon looking prick,

You and AWCs can all suck my dick!


Oh you almost have 1,000 subs? Congratu-freaking-lations!

You got the worst accusations, just stop it already, Petey.

With your lack of education and my rhymes in combination,

It'll cause health complications that require medication!

Just 'cause you have green screen lighting and an expensive microphone,

You think you're a pro musician, because you are well-known.

I won this battle now, look at the judge's panel,

Go back to making unfunny videos on your main channel!


You look like a thumb, where'd you even come from?

It's like I'm battle rapping a fat version of Gollum!

What's inside mine was ahead of its own time

You did not steal from me? What's with Mozart vs Mozart, can you mime?

Who Won?

Who's next?

You decide


Piiiiiik Rap battles of history!!!